Kubernetes training and consultancy

Consultancy can be remote or on-site. Please send me an email or we can set up a video call to discuss what I can help you with.


I deal with fires, performance issues, security problems, disasters.
This service is for very specific problems that need to be solved very quickly.


My main focus is the design and build of Kubernetes clusters and big data storage systems, both on bare metal and on cloud providers.
Has your service outgrown its servers? Do you need high availability or geographically distributed storage? Are you experiencing bottlenecks or outages? You might need a completely new infrastructure but it's possible we can find ways to fix-up your current one.

Production readiness reports

This is a good way of unearthing possible future problems and finding ways to save on resources.
I have the most experience with Kubernetes deployments, but feel free to contact me about dedicated Linux servers, networks, distributed databases, security or continuous delivery systems.
You'll get a document with actionable recommendations, outlines of possible solutions, security and performance audits with concrete examples, tests and calculations on costs.