We are a pair of freelance nerds based in Austria teaching, designing, building and assessing large scale distributed systems. Our biggest clients so far were NASA JPL, Continental, Ericsson, Die Mobiliar and Juniper. We also worked with some really interesting startups. What we do most of the time is training: 1-5 day courses for individuals and small groups. We’ve done Kubernetes, Docker, Git, Go and Lua. Our other main service is designing and building Kubernetes clusters, especially in Google Cloud. But if you have a sufficiently weird Linux, DevOps or programming problem, please email us.



Teaching at Google Academy, London After working as an SRE for Google for a few years I decided to start my own IT consultancy business. I build, fix and teach stuff like:

  • Linux, the weirder the problem, the better
  • Clusters, especially Kubernetes
  • Big data, database design and digging
  • Programming, especially C, C++ and Go
  • Hacking everything. From kettles to satellites



Measuring the angular diameter of the Sun at the Konkoly Observatory, Budapest I am a mathematician by training but I’m more into clusters these days. Google Cloud, Kubernetes and friends. I also have a Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect certificate. I did some teaching but apparently it requires interaction with humans. So, meh. I still develop training materials, though. Have done:

  • advanced Go, Lua for physicists, a comprehensive git course
  • Docker and Kubernetes, Kubernetes on GCE and bare metal
  • cluster ecosystem stuff: Prometheus/AlertManager/Grafana, ELK