Designing and building clusters

  • In Google Cloud (with or without GKE)
  • On prem / bare metal
  • Designing for scalability and robustness, handling failure domains
  • Optional training on maintenance and various day 2 operations

Cloud Infrastructure

  • Designing and implementing a developer environment and a CI/CD pipeline
  • Setting up operational tooling such as
    • Dashboards and reporting
    • Monitoring, logging, alerting
    • Backup & disaster recovery strategy
  • Infrastructure automation with Terraform / Puppet

Application deployment

  • TLC for legacy software
    • finding the best solution for prehistoric, very broken applications
    • minimal changes for maximum cloudiness
  • Helping you apply best practice in containerization
    • Scalability, distribution, fault-tolerance
    • Debug & solve low level problems, such kernel tuning, filesystem drivers, and more
  • Tooling for continuous deployment (Kustomize, Helm)
  • Expertise in C, C++, Go, Python; tolerance for Java and PHP.


  • Experienced in migrations to Google Cloud/on-prem from AWS/Azure/on-prem
  • Careful planning to manage risk, budget and end-user experience
  • Plan and/or execute

Improving existing infrastructure

  • Production readiness review of infrastructure and software design
  • Resource management, optimization
  • Firefighting, disaster recovery

Hyperscale MySQL clusters

  • Cluster design: horizontal and vertical scaling, failover automation
  • Backup strategy & disaster recovery
  • Optional training for devs and ops teams